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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm All Backed Up

I just don't feel like I can get on top of anything!!! Here I sit in my very messy house with luggage still to be unpacked, an empty fridge, coupons needing to be clipped, piles of dirty laundry in various areas of the house, and Halloween costumes still where we left them when we took them off. Not to mention the phone list of people to call for primary and the shopping list for the dinner we are hosting. Oh and I also need to find some time put together a project for Athena on Rich County and prepare a spiritual message for my presentation on Friday.

I have over 750 pictures waiting to be posted and talked about, but I haven't yet downloaded Photoshop onto the new computer because I am waiting to receive my Windows 7 in the mail.

Yet . . . here I sit on facebook, IM, and blogspot. Hmph.

How is it the Christmas season already? Where did the past few months go? Does life ever really slow down or does it just continue to get busier and busier until we all just pop?

On a good note, Jeremy and I just returned home from a wonderful vacation in Mexico. We got to experience our first tropical storm turned hurricane, but still had a good time. The kids are all so happy to be back in their own environment and I am working on finding my routine again. Thankfully the Lord has blessed us all to be back together again safely and in good health. :)

I think I'll go make some lunch.
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