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Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Have an 8 YEAR OLD!!!

Samantha had a birthday!!! Her birthday was really on September 25th and I'm just really late in putting together these posts, but the birthday pictures were REALLY taken on her actual birthday.

Samantha is a very unique little girl who knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. She has always been this way and as she gets older she is definitely using this trait for good. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and tries her very best to do what's right. I'm proud of her. :)

One funny thing about her is that she has pulled all of her own teeth. I don't even know when her teeth are loose anymore. She just comes into the room holding a tooth and shows me the bloody gums in her mouth! She just prefers to do things on her own no matter what the results will be.

For her birthday she knew exactly what she wanted for dinner/dessert. No beating around the bush. For dinner she picked Dip Sandwiches (homemade philly steak 'n cheese sandwiches dipped in au jus). Dessert was Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with cream on top. YUM! Because of her pick, I spent most of her birthday morning in the kitchen, cooking . . . but isn't that what moms are for?

We all went for a movie in the afternoon and invited the grandparents to come over dinner and gifts in the evening. As you can see, she had a great time opening her presents. Here she is holding up some new barbie clothes. The package even includes a suit for Ken!
She was happy to be able to read the cards herself.

Until she got to the cursive! This is when Athena stepped in to help. It was so cute to watch them try to read the birthday card together. Finally neither of them could figure it out so they had to hand it to Grandma to have her read her own writing in the card to Samantha.

After presents we delved into the pie! I like that Samantha chose pie because cake has never been a favorite of mine. Little kids like decorated kids. Older kids get a little more sophisticated and request treats that actually taste good. YEAH!

Thank goodness I could only fit 3 candles on this piece of pie instead of 8. She barely got them all out.
I love having Samantha in our family. She is a blessing to us all and I love seeing her learn and grow. I'm especially excited to have another baptized member of the church in our home. I look forward to watching her take more responsibility and grow in her gospel knowledge.


dena4kids said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMANTHA! Looks like a great birthday! I want that pie recipe!YUMMY!=)

The Allreds said...

wow...another baptism on the way! she sure grew up fast! congrats on turning eight!

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