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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Family Home Evening Activity

We were at a loss for something fun after we finished our lesson for Family Home Evening, so out came the eyeliner and little clothes!

The kids took turn singing the primary songs in their new characters and had a blast! 

Samantha is on the left and Athena is on the right.

The funniest part to me is all the extra faces they make with their chins! Nathan was laughing so hard he could hardly sit up!

After Athena and Samantha had a turn, Nathan and Alex had to give it a try. This is Nathan. :)

We tried to give Alexandra's character some hair, but she ended up looking like a balding woman who couldn't keep her gangly long hair out of her face.

Overall it provided the much-needed entertainment for the evening and gave us all a good laugh!

1 comment:

Megz said...

So funny. We'll have to try this on a rainy summer day.....

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