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Monday, February 4, 2013

Special Spray

Alexandra is notorious for getting out of her bed. Tonight when I tucked her into bed, I told her a bedtime story about a little girl named Alexandra. In the story:

"Her mom tucked her into bed and put a special spray on the floor. When Alexandra got out of her bed to play, her mom told her to get into bed and she noticed that her toes were feeling funny. Then she got out again and her mom said, "Alexandra, get back in your bed!" She got back in and noticed that another toe was feeling funny. She looked under her covers and discovered that her toes were turning BLACK! Every time she got out of her bed, the black crept a little higher and higher up her foot.

She started to cry and she told her mom what had happened. Alexandra's mom told her that there was special spray on the floor that made her toes black and if she wanted her toes to go back to normal she would have to stay in her bed. Every night that she stayed in her bed, one more toe would change back to normal."

After my wonderful bedtime story, I tucked Alex, gave kisses, and said goodnight. Then as I left the room, I put my hand out and "sprayed" the floor.

Well, as it turns out, tonight Alexandra was SO TIRED that she just couldn't manage to get out of bed and fix her door (like she normally does), so she called me to come and fix her door. It turns out she was also too tired to get out of bed and fix her covers (like she normally does), so she asked me to do it. I said, "Why can't you do it?" She said, "Because I'm just so tired tonight." 

I'm going to have to spray more things. :)

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