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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

State Fair

I finally broke down and did it! This is my new blog . . . newly created today.

Last night we went to the Utah State Fair. The kids had a blast and I had fun killing my back carrying the baby around. It was still fun, though.

Nathan didn't like the cows. It's odd because when you walk through the cow barn, all you see are the enormous bums. They are all tied up so you can't see their faces. Jeremy put the stroller close to a cow (bum) so Nate could get closer. Nathan started freaking out. I wouldn't want my face in there either!

We also watched some turkey races. That was hilarious. :) The people put turkey feed in the back of a remote-controlled truck and the turkeys chased it all around trying to get the food.

We never did stop to feed the baby, so after it was time to go she was screaming. We finally had to pull off the freeway on the way home, sit in an Arby's parking lot, and I fed her for 20 minutes.

Yay.I just wanted to try this out, so this is it for today!


Mama Cat said...

We had a similar animal problem when we went to the county fair a couple of months ago...Catherine LOVES animals, but the animals at the fair freaked her out big-time! She clung to us all the way through the animal tents. For weeks afterward, she would make an animal noise (oink, baa, neigh, or moo), then hold up her hands in a "scared" motion and say "me" and point to herself. I had no idea a trip to the fair would be so traumatic. It was really kind of funny, though!

Lisa said...

I like your page, Renee'! The pictures of the kids are cute. Have fun turning your fingernails brown while you can peaches.


big8smiley said...

I'm looking forward to it! Well, OK, I'm not really looking forward to having brown fingernails, but I'm looking forward to the reward of - WOW! Look how many peaches I bottled!

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