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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Way too much TIME!!!

OK, I've spent waaay too much time on this thing today. I didn't have any current pictures on the computer, so I had to dig out the camera cables from the pantry, download pictures, change the batteries, download more pictures, and now edit them. It will be well worth it I HOPE! Oh, I also made a more interesting header. :) OK, I'll put some cute kid pictures here now . . .
The first picture is all the kids at Lynda's house when Alexandra was about a week old.

Then we have Nathan being himself - a little clown. He sure does like to get his picture taken. :) He strikes a pose!!

The kids won moustaches in the library reading program. The theme this year was detectives. This is about as long as they stayed on - to take this picture.

This is Alexandra today, September 11, 2007. She is a very happy little baby girl and I don't have any complaints about her. She is just smiley and cute.

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