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Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

I'm older now, by a day . . . but I did change a number. Woo hoo! My birthday was yesterday - exactly 6 months from Christmas. So now every day gets us one day closer to that day!! :)

For my birthday, Jeremy decided we should all go to Lagoon, so he took the day off and planned the whole trip. We left Alexandra and Nathan with Jeremy's mom - she was kind enough to watch them for us all day. We left Max with Jeremy's niece - she was kind enough to watch him for us all day. Then we took Athena and Samantha and went to Lagoon. :)

It was really nice, actually, having just the 2 older kids with us. Usually most of our attention is focused on the little kids and the 2 older kind of get pushed to the side, but not today! Athena and Samantha were tall enough to go on all the rides, so we were able to just go from ride to ride all day long without having to push a stroller, park a stroller, stop for a tantrum, switch off watching kids while the other adult rides a ride. It was perfect!

I didn't take many pictures considering we were there ALL DAY long, but I did manage to snap a few. Jeremy took the girls on Cliffhanger. This is one I won't ride, so I was happy to sit and watch.
This is what the ride does. It just goes around and around and upside down, all the while spraying you with these fountains. No thank you. I wear makeup.

I think Samantha got the worst of it.

Really. Is this an issue?

Athena and Samantha on the sky ride. This is always a relaxing break from getting jostled on all the other rides.

Jeremy and I, also on the sky ride. It turns out this is the only real picture of me all day. This is my proof that I really did go to lagoon. I don't really have any way to prove this was taken on my birthday, though. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Athena on the bumper cars. :)

Athena and Samantha coming off the tilt-a-whirl, another ride I refuse to go on. I'd rather keep my lunch in. I'm starting to realize just how boring getting old is making me.
Skyride . . . again.

Stopped for a treat. I actually AM in this picture - I'm in the window reflection, taking this picture!
Our day at Lagoon really did turn out perfect. The weather was perfect and we just had a lot of fun. The girls LOVED the big roller coasters. Our favorite one was "Wicked". We rode on it 3 times! It wasn't the traditional birthday for me where I stay home and all my wonderful sisters call me, but it was a very fun day. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!


Lisa said...

That is an awesome birthday party. I'm glad you got to do something out of the ordinary. Happy birthday!!!

Megz said...

Sounds like my kind of celebration. I like the idea of going to Lagoon without a stroller and having to ride the Merry Go Round 14 times. Happy Birthday!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you had a fun day.

The Allreds said...

Happy Belated B'day! What fun! I never got to go to Lagoon...I feel soooo slighted! I stay away from Cliffhanger rides too, I like saying that someone needs to stay off some rides for pictures : )
Hugs to you!

dena4kids said...

Wow Lagoon does look like tons of fun!!! Well I guess I will just go play with my hairdryer....sigh.=)
Glad you had a fun birthday!

Shnopa said...

I'm glad you had a fun day, even though it was at Lagoon, for your birthday. It looks like you got into it more than you had planned. I'll admit Disneyland was a lot more fun last year with both kids being able to ride the rides, although they checked Preston's height at every ride. Gotta love thick shoes. Well, that and leaving home the short kids.

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