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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talented Beauties

Athena and Samantha finally finished off this year of dance with a spectacular dance recital. They each performed in 2 dance numbers - one jazz, one tap.

Jeremy took a few pictures of the girls before the performance. We had some extra time and their hair still looked nice! It was probably unethical for them to hold their flowers for a second before the performance, but they knew they'd be getting them anyway, so does it really matter?

Here is Samantha before the recital . . . and Athena.

I tried and tried to get some good pictures of the girls on stage, but they were hard to catch. I sorted through about 20 pictures and came up with this one for Athena.

Samantha's pictures were even harder. Her dances were faster than Athena's, so that fan she is holding from her armpit? It's really her arm! Believe it or not, this is one of the best pictures I captured.

One more of Samantha doing her final pose. She is all the way to the left side standing up.
I'm really proud of Athena and Samantha for dancing in their recital. They both remembered their dances, did a great job smiling, and looked like they were having fun. They are both growing up so fast!


Lisa said...

They look great in their dance costumes. It's always fun to watch your kids perform something they've worked on for a long time. Way to go, girls!!

Lori-ann said...

Oh how cute! I always wanted to be in dances when I was younger. This is something that they will remember and will help them learn dedication and perseverance for the rest of their lives.

(I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! Get ready to be comment spammed!)

dena4kids said...

I love their outfits! I am glad they did a good job!=)

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