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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marathon Family Day

For my family reunion this year we all met at Cascade Springs to walk around and eat lunch. Then we drove to Teresa's house for activities and a barbecue.

This bunch of people isn't everyone. There are a LOT more of us! We are just getting ready to walk down towards the springs.

Alexandra loved walking around and looking at all the pretty things. We saw fish, butterflies, birds, flowers, water, people, Max, and lots of other things. She takes notice of everything around her.

This group found a dead end and all had to turn around. I met up with them here and turned myself around too.

Hannah, Hailey, and Ashley

Just my family. You can click on it to enlarge it if you actually want to see our faces.

The pretty river created by the springs.

We stood around here for awhile while all the separate families took a picture on the bridge.

Cheeser Nathan!

If you look close you can see some fish in the water. The water is amazingly clear! The brown you see is the bottom.

Max had to stop and get a drink. Apparently it is very entertaining for my kids!

After our picnic lunch at Cascade Springs, we all headed up and over the road that goes into Heber Valley instead of coming down the canyon. Then off to Teresa's house.

The first thing we did there was help the kids with a craft. Teresa found a cute craft where all the kids made their own silverware. She got lots of silverware at the D.I. and some modelling clay. Each kid crafted their own fancy silverware handles. Then she baked them in the oven until they were hardened and ready to take home. These are just a few of the kid's creations.
We then played several games on the lawn. Samantha and Jacob are trying to tie their legs together for a 3-legged race.
It was so cute seeing the kids try to get around with their gangly legs all tied together. Looks like it isn't quite working for this pair!

And now all the kids are lined up for the sack race.

Nathan passed the finish line and just crashed.

Hooray! Athena made it too. :)

Now for the adults . . .

Here I am in action!
And there I go. But you can still see my hair at the bottom of the frame. LOL! Jeremy thought he was taking a picture of me, but by the time he snapped it I wasn't there anymore. I was on my way to the ground.
Another favorite - Spin the Bat. Shauna is the ref on that end of the field making sure all the kids spin the correct number of times - then they had to run back and tag the next person. This game is one of my favorites because it's hilarious to see dizzy people run!

We also played a game where you tie a balloon to your ankle and try to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping your balloon intact.

Other than the games, we spent a lot of time visiting, eating, and visiting some more. Cynthia made a crazy-delicious-super fattening coconut cake that was heavenly! Jaime made his specialty burgers on the bbq. Mama made her famous potato salad.

Thanks Teresa for planning a fun family reunion. We really enjoyed our day!


Lisa said...

That was a really fun reunion. You got some good pictures.

The Allreds said...

some fabulous games and crafts. wish I was there havin' fun too! I'm tearing apart my house so that it can look nicer soon!??!?! grin and bear it, right!??!

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