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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Newest Niece

My sister, Lisa, finally had her baby! :) Lisa is my sister who is 4 years younger with me and this is her 5th baby. She beat me. I'm done with 4 - for sure. She had baby Grace on Saturday morning and both are doing well. Half of my family had the opportunity to go and visit her in the hospital. Unfortunately the other half of my family had to sit and wait in the car. Samantha was throwing up the night before, and then while we were driving to the hospital, Nathan started throwing up in the car. Thank goodness we had an empty cup in the car that he used for the next couple of hours while we were out.

Here I am holding Grace. She is so cute and tiny!

She has lots and lots of hair. This is a family trait - ALL of our babies have lots and lots of hair.

Athena was one of the lucky ones who came into the hospital with me. She really enjoyed holding Grace.

I learned from this experience that Alexandra doesn't like hospitals. She wouldn't talk to anyone who was there, she wouldn't even look at the new baby, and when she thought we were close to leaving, she grabbed my hand and practically yanked me out the door.

Congratulations, Lisa, on your new baby! She is very beautiful and I'm happy we were able to come and see you both. :)

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dena4kids said...

Sooo sweet! Congrats she is beautiful!

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