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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Valentine's Day

I woke up on Valentine's Day, peeled back my eyelids, and saw a lovely vase of roses, a balloon, and a Valentine's card sitting on my vanity. THANK YOU JEREMY! I love you!!!!

Usually for Valentine's Day I like to leave a little bag of candy for the kids with a nice note by their bed, or I'll decorate the kitchen table with candy and stuffed animals for when they wake up. This year I was just so tired of candy that I didn't want to buy one more sweet thing, so I went really cheap. It turned out great and the kids loved it!

I made a valentine for each of them out of construction paper and Jeremy and I wrote a special note for each of them on the valentine. Then I simply taped each valentine to their bedroom doors as a surprise for when they woke up. They LOVED their valentines! :)

Then for dinner I did something really special ... I DECORATED the table. LOL

I know, not much, but for the kids it was really a special treat! We rarely use candles, so I lit some candles, put on a nice table cloth, got out the "fancy" glasses, and made an event.

For our Valentine's dinner I made a parmesan chicken salad and we had Crystal Lite to drink. It was very good! The lighting is bad for pictures, but it really was a lot of fun.

I love my family very much and I enjoy doing special things for them that they will remember. It was especially cute to see all the kids using their best manners and trying to use the special glasses all proper. Who knows, maybe this will become our new tradition.


Megz said...

It's fun to do special dinners. We've had to ban candlelight at our house however--glad Nathan didn't think to burn his napkin up like my 5-year-old....

dena4kids said...

cute! I love the candles too!=)

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