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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Pumpkins

I'm still playing catch-up, but wanted to post these cute pictures. :)

These are from our trip to the pumpkin patch last Fall - yes, 4 MONTHS AGO!!

I like taking our kids to the pumpkin patch instead of driving down to our local Walmart to pick a pumpkin from the veggie section. It has turned into a fun tradition that the kids look forward to each year. This time it was really cold and we weren't really prepared for it. Thankfully we got started earlier in the evening, before the sun went down. Here are the girls and Jeremy waiting for the wagon ride that takes us to the pumpkin patch.
Before we realized how cold it was, we all quite enjoyed to ride out to the patch.

My rule for the kids is that if they can carry the pumpkin, they can have it. Of course they have to test the limits and end up practically dropping several of them on their toes. This one was too heavy and didn't quite make the cut.

Yay! Alex found one that passes!

Athena was barely able to carry hers out, but was quite proud of her pick.

After the pumpkins were all picked, we couldn't pass up the ghost cut-outs. These are 2 mighty scary ghosts!

And this one gave me nightmares!

I tried and tried to get the kids to give me a cute picture, but Nathan had Alex thinking it was the "thing to do" to stick out their tongues and they wouldn't do anything else for the picture. Samantha was too cold to smile. Athena, of course, is always ready to strike a pose. The pumpkins in the picture are the ones that made the final cut.

We ended up missing the return wagon because we were trying to get pictures, so we had to wait in the freezing cold for the next one. It seemed to just hit all at once. Lucky for Nathan he found a random, extra pair of socks in his pocket! They made handy little mittens.
After the pumpkin patch we like to get a treat as a family. The kids all wanted ice cream even though their teeth were chattering by the time we got back to our car. I offered up the idea of hot cocoa instead and thankfully they agreed. We went home and whipped up a quick cup for everyone and finished off our fun night.

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