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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another First for Nathan

Yesterday Nathan started Kindergarten! I can't believe he is finally old enough and I only have one little kid at home for the afternoon. It's sad to see him go, but at the same time it will give me a little more quiet time. Isn't he cute?

Here he is with his homework. I asked him if he wanted me to walk him to his class for the first day. He said, "No. I know how to get to my class." So I said, "Well, then can I take some pictures of you for your first day?" He agreed, so I got to get out of the car and take some pictures. Then I asked him, do you want me to follow you in to make sure you get to your classroom ok? He then said that would be OK and I let him proudly lead the way.

I don't much care for the feeling of just leaving my kid somewhere new and I don't get to see him for the next little while, so of course I had to make sure he was all set up. I took him into the coat room and he knew just where to hang his backpack.

Then we went and found his table. I guess I was waiting for a grand send-off or something, but he was just like - "Bye Mom".

Being the wonderful mom I am, I hung around for just a minute more to make sure he was OK and happy to be there. He then said, "When are you going to leave?" (this was all in about 3 minutes, it's not like I was there for HOURS!) "Why do you want me to leave?" His response . . . "So I can start to learn!" Fine then. I gave him a last hug and left him there, to learn.

I'm really excited and happy for Nathan. I think school will be great for him and he will love the experience. I've noticed for awhile that he has needed a change, and I'm hoping this is exactly the change he needs. :) I do miss him at home.

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