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Thursday, September 30, 2010


We woke up on Tuesday morning expecting to enjoy a wonderful day in Cabo. We got up early and within a few minutes of us being out of bed, the captain came over the PA system saying that through the night a tropical storm had developed and we would be "enjoying" one more day at sea while they changed our itinerary. BUMMER! We were ready to get off the ship and go have some fun! Instead we were stuck inside. The winds were blowing so hard outside that all outer decks were closed all morning. This is a picture of the radar on the TV. We sailed right through the center of that big red spot.

Around 2pm we were allowed to venture out onto the deck. We took this picture from inside.

Even though we could go out, it was still rainy, windy, and cold. We ended up wandering around inside for a very long time . . . playing cards . . . and wandering around some more.

We did go and look at our formal picture from the night before. We cheated and took a couple pictures of the pictures on display. Here we are in front of the sunset background.

When the camera man came around our table the night before, he was taking pictures of couples. We decided to pair up with the wrong spouses. Here I am with my other husband, Jim. The photographer didn't catch on that we were paired up wrong. We were all laughing so hard. When he came around to Jim's wife, she wasn't sitting next to another man. He said, "Are you all alone?" She just smiled real big and he took her picture. :)

Finally, around 4pm Jeremy and I decided to venture outside. We walked all around and watched the waves for quite awhile.

Even though the crew deemed it safe because the wind had died down a little, it was still so windy that Jeremy and I almost got blown down a couple of times.

We walked to the front of the ship and could hardly walk back down the stairs to go inside. The wind was blowing me so hard that I had to grasp the rail and pull myself forward. Thank goodness we weren't out there earlier.

Talk about boring. We did nothing all day, went out and experienced the wind and the rain, then came back inside and just knocked out for about 1/2 hour. I tried to do my puzzle book, but it's amazing how tired doing nothing all day can make you. Warning: This picture is VERY unattractive. View at your own risk.

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