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Friday, October 1, 2010

Proud Mama

 Last night marked the close of our soccer season. This year Athena, Samantha, and Nathan all played soccer. Although it ended up making our schedule insane (6 soccer games/week plus practices), I loved going to their games and watching them play and learn the game.

Jeremy made a deal with all the kids that if they scored a goal, he would take them out to get a treat. Samantha was the first to make a goal in one of her games and she went with Jeremy and enjoyed a delicious icee. Then, while we were gone on our trip, Nathan scored a goal in his game. Now Jeremy has to pay up for that. :) 

Athena didn't score a goal in her game. She actually had a little curve thrown into her soccer season. On Labor Day she twisted her ankle pretty bad. I had to take her to the doctor and he recommended that she stay off her foot for a week. He even prescribed crutches! So, she had to suffer the humiliation of using her crutches all week long - even taking them to school.  I took this picture of her at the end of the week, as we were getting ready to go return the crutches.  

Even though Athena couldn't play, she attended her games and watched on the sidelines to help support her team  for the 2 games she missed. Her team played so well that they made it to the finals! Last night was her final game and for a 5th/6th grade game, it was surprisingly intense. Her team ended up winning the championship game for the season. :) She was SO EXCITED!!! Everyone received a first place medal to take home and they all had to stay and get pictures taken for the newspaper.

I'm really proud of all 3 kids for doing their very best on the field and enjoying the games. We didn't have to push them to go and it ended up being a fun month of sports. Wow, did I just say that? Yes, it was a FUN MONTH OF SPORTS! I guess it's more fun for me when it's my own kids. :)

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The Allreds said...

looked like a lot of fun! we were at a second hand store and Sara hobbled around on some crutches she found...I bet Athena liked them for at least a day!?!? way to go soccer players! my kids still wear their old P. soccer jerseys around the house...we still miss that great place!

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