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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Woman Cops

Jeremy has this thing against women cops. He seems to think they are 10 times worse (or more) than their male counterparts. He thinks that they are always ornery and just out there waiting to ticket anyone who dares cross their paths. Whenever we are out driving and we see someone pulled over, if it is a woman cop he always makes some sort of comment about how that person is really gonna get it.

So, I guess this attitude has kind of worn off on the kids. Today's conversation was proof.

I had just finished dropping off Athena and Samantha at school and was pulling out when a cop drove by.

Nathan: Alex, I hope your arms are in . . . there's a police!
Alex: Yep! They are in! (meaning her arms were in her seat belt and the clip is done up)
Nathan: Cause if they aren't in, you will go to jail. Police are mean.
Alex: Yep. I did my buckle.
Me: Police aren't all mean, but they will take you to jail if you are doing something wrong. That's their job.
Nathan: They will take you to jail if they are a girl, cause girl police are mean.
Me: Why?
Nathan: I don't know. Dad said they are. But boy police aren't mean. Remember Alex? The boy was nice to you and he didn't take you to jail.
Alex: Yep. Boys are nice.


Oh, a little background on the arms being in.

Alexandra always takes her arms out of the buckle on her carseat and she gets in trouble for it. Her restraint goes over her shoulders and clips in front, but she opens the clips and takes the seat belt off her shoulders. Then she twists all around in her carseat. I was sick and tired of always telling her to do her buckle up when we were out and about - especially on the freeway. So one day we were at the park and noticed a policeman nearby. Jeremy ran over and asked him to come talk to Alex about keeping her buckle done up on her carseat and to put a little scare into her so she would stay safe. He came over, but was way too nice. He told her how cute she was and then as a side note just told her to not open her buckle because it wasn't safe. I wanted him to say he would take her to jail or something if she didn't stay buckled. Since he was so nice that one time, I guess that boy police are nice. But not girls.


Megz said...

So funny! I have used the threat of police action to enforce proper seat belt use as well--so that's all my kids think police are good for.

Tell Jeremy he's raising a bunch of sexists! My two speeding tix have been given by male coppers.....

Jen said...

Darn him and angry cops. Too funny. I will have to remember that threat. I have told mine they will fly though the windshield and their head will fall off if they take off their belts. Now that I think of it it is probably more scaring. We also have the road monster that will grab their legs if they kick my seat.

Shnopa said...

Sorry Renee', but I'm with JerJer on this one. Female cops are usually rough and tough, at least the ones I've known are. But I also happen to think many male cops are jerks too. Okay, I admit it I DON'T LIKE POLICE OFFICERS - whether female or male.

Oh, but there is a nice guy in my ward, who is a highway patrolman and is Preston's teacher. But he's the ONLY one!!

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