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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not My Kind of Fun

On Friday, close to midnight, I was sitting at the bar and Jeremy was sitting at the kitchen table. We were enjoying a bit of free time before going to bed since the kids were all in bed. Max was acting a little weird and was sniffing around the refridgerator. I looked over to see what Max was doing just in time to see a mouse dart out from under the fridge and run right under the pantry door. I did my job and screamed really loud! Ugh!!!! It was so disgusting! So . . . for the next hour and a half, Jeremy's job was to go through the pantry and find the mouse.

We thought it was on the right side of the pantry because there were boxes sitting in the middle of the pantry that I didn't think it would go around. Jeremy and I started emptying all the food and putting it on the table. Then Jeremy got the job of cleaning everything out from the floor. When he had most of the stuff out of the right side, Max got really interested and started looking into the pantry and trying to sniff a little closer. Jeremy thought he had the mouse cornered, and right when he lifted up a box the mouse ran out from under it and over to the left side of the pantry.

I certainly wasn't much of a help because I was so sick to my stomach from seeing the mouse. I really thought I was going to throw up. Jeremy handed me the broom while he pulled stuff out from the pantry and told me to whack at it if it came running out. NO WAY! There is no way I could whack at the mouse! So I gave him the broom back and then he said he would hold the broom while I pulled stuff out. That wasn't going to happen either! So onto the next brilliant idea (at 1:00am). We set up a barricade all around the pantry doors using boxes and filling any empty spaces with plastic grocery bags. That way, if the mouse came running out again it would have nowhere to go. Finally we got down to the last bit of stuff. I had to leave the room because I knew the doom was coming soon. All of a sudden Jeremy started yelling and whacking and yelling and whacking. Then after 3 hard hits he started jumping up and down and whooping and hollering. "GOT IT!!!"

I hope this is the only mouse I have to deal with this year. I've had to clean out all my drawers and wash every linen from the linen drawer in the kitchen. Thankfully Jeremy was able to kill this stupid, pesky mouse without splattering guts all over the place. He did, however, break my broom. It is bent weird in the middle. After the mouse was dead we finished the pantry cleaning project and got every last thing put away and cleaned up by 2:30am. This was a party I would have been happy to miss.


The Allreds said...

Sorry you had to endure that...luckily you have a nice, clean pantry now, right?!?! The same thing happened to us in Payson right before church one day. I can't remember all the details but was soooo relieved when the mouse was a goner! Another time there was one in the basement. James wasn't home so I called Bro. Wiberg to help. He made it look so easy. I think the mouse had died in it's tracks from fear, knowing someone was after him. And to think, people pay to have these critters as pets! Ewwww!

Aprilyn said...

I hate mice!!! Ewww! We have a mouse at Church, but thankfully I've never seen it. Our ward gives out too many treats, and it is just a feasting ground for the mice.

Matt and Cristina said...

I'm having a hard enough time with the spiders at my house...I really hope I don't repeat your experience! At least it makes for an interesting night and a great blog post!

Shnopa said...

I'm glad I missed that party! And I'm glad Jeremy was willing to do the honors. I wouldn't want to do that either.

I've read several of your blog posts about your trip and the pumpkin patch. You and your family are having a lot of fun and I'm very happy for you. It's fun to be able to read about it. Thank you.

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