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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Samantha!

This post is SO LATE! However, I cannot neglect it. We missed Samantha's 9th birthday when we were on our cruise and it was an especially hard day for me. Lucky for her, she was spending time with her loving grandparents (on both sides) and they made it really special for her. She was taken to dinner twice and got to go to the BYU football game.

Jeremy and I came home from our trip 2 days after her birthday and we gave her the big birthday gift she had been waiting for. :) I didn't have it wrapped already and we got home late, so I wrapped it in a blanket for her.

I love the look on her profile in this picture. She wanted a lego castle set and I found this really cool medieval house set for her. She loved it!

All the kids were so happy to have us home and I was happy to see them again! :) It's weird how even after a week, you start to forget your kid's little faces. Even though it was really late, we enjoyed just being together again for a little bit before sending them all to bed. Here is tired, but happy Athena.

Finally he made it home to his couch!

This expression is the best. Doesn't she look so happy to be back with the family? Cute!

The next day, after school, Samantha was so anxious to get started on her birthday gift. She delved right in and I sat down and worked on it with her. Legos are so fun!

Happy Birthday Samantha! I love you!

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The Allreds said...

that castle looked like a huge undertaking! Garrett would have LOVED to help!

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