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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowed In

These pictures are from last night. It snowed all day long yesterday and by the end of the day, this is how our back deck looked.

 Then the snow continued all night long and when Jeremy woke up to get ready for work, we were completely buried. He started shoveling at 6:15 am and was able to finish just the driveway by 7:45 am.

After he took these pictures and came inside, he turned on the news to see what the rest of the valley looked like and it was announced that school was CANCELLED! This is the first time we have ever had school cancelled because of snow. Crazy! I think we've had it much worse than this and still had to go to school - although this was pretty bad too.

 I was actually really bummed because today was when all the kids would have their Christmas parties at school! So, instead . . . I spent all morning shovelling the parts Jeremy didn't get to yet. I did the sidewalks, a spot for Max (so he could go potty), and by the time I finished those spots, there was another 5 inches of snow on the driveway that needed shovelling.

I finally finished clearing what I could by about 10:30am and headed off for my primary meeting. Athena and Samantha were so anxious to play outside, so we brought the meeting to my house and we sent the kids outside. :)

Even though it takes A LOT of work to recover from all this snow (and more is coming), I have to say that I really enjoy the sense of community and service that it brings. As I was outside shoveling, all the neighbors were also outside working on their driveways and helping each other to dig out. Anyone who owned a snowblower finished their own work and headed throughout the neighborhood to make sure everyone's driveway was cleaned out.

The snowplow didn't ever make it down our road, but the neighbor's son has a plow on his pickup truck and he went ahead and cleared the road for all of us. Now we really are dreaming of a white Christmas. :)


Aprilyn said...

Oh sure! The year we MOVE, Utah gets a ton of snow!! Even OREM has snow! I'm jealous!
Also, something funny...I was making treats for Christmas, and while taking a break was reading your blog. I thought, "Oh, I should drive over there for a visit and give Renee' some treats."'s a bit far! LOL!! I forgot I was in Missouri! Yes, I"m crazy.

Shnopa said...

WOW!! You got LOTS more than we did. Our big one was a month or so ago. Still, it wasn't like that. I bet you still have fun piles for the kids to play in. I'm glad you had fun with it. That's what I would expect from you.

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