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Friday, January 7, 2011

Great Big THANKS!!!!

December was the busiest I remember in a long time - thanks to all my wonderful friends and neighbors who supported Athena and I in our Peanut Brittle Fund Raiser.

Athena auditioned and made it onto the concert choir for the group she sings with and will now be going on a tour this summer (and every summer)! Because she is under 12, I will be going with her. She is really excited to go and I'm happy for her. To raise money for her tour, we decided to sell peanut brittle and see if we could get some help.

To my surprise, things went much better than expected and peanut brittle was just flying off our shelves! I spent almost every day making peanut brittle, packaging it up, and sending her out to sell more candy. Thank you to everyone who supported her as she came knocking at your door! She was delighted with your response and I am so grateful to all of you for helping her to accomplish her goal of paying for her tour. :)

As a result of our little fund raiser, Athena earned enough to pay for her entire tour and now we just need to pay for mine! THANK YOU!!! I really hope you all enjoyed your candy!

Our stats for this year: We sold 76 lbs of candy - went through 26 lbs of peanuts - 16 batches made - and logged more than 40 hours.

Hopefully next year will be just as great as we prepare for her next tour! :)


Megz said...

It's amazing that you could even think about making it again next year after all that! Ethan and I won't mind though....

Matt and Cristina said...

That is a LOT of peanut brittle! Thank you! It was delicious.

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