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Monday, January 31, 2011

Self Portrait

Alexandra has recently become very interested in drawing herself. This is the picture she draws over and over on our art board. I think it's so cute! She makes her head. Then she very lovingly makes one ponytail, then another ponytail. Then the eyes. Then she makes her mouth big because she "is singing in a choir". Last is her dress, pictured below the head.

She is so proud of her work and when it gets erased, she just draws it again. She has also become quite interested in coloring too. Then she takes it one step further and tells me that she knows how to color, but Nathan just scribbles. LOL! He does know how to color and draw, by the way, but it makes me laugh.

Last night we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and we collected some new toys they were getting rid of. A "new" Fisher Price house and furniture! I told Alexandra that we needed to clean the house before she could play with it. She asked me when we got home if we could clean it and I told her we could do it in the morning. Well, this morning she asked me all morning long if we could clean it now. I said - AFTER the girls are at school and AFTER the dishes are done. She just couldn't wait and I had to chase her away from it a couple of times because she brought a sloppy rag over to the house and started washing it down.

Finally I finished the dishes and the time arrived to clean the house! She carefully helped me wash and dry each little corner of the house, even pointing out when I missed a spot. Then when it was all done, she raced to get all her Fisher Price stuff and got it all set up. Here she is enjoying her new-found treasure. Thanks G&G! :)

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