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Monday, February 7, 2011


Nathan's birthday is on Halloween, but this past year it fell on a Sunday - which was so nice! All the celebrating was done before the actual day and we got to have a real birthday party for him. I'll post all of our Halloween stuff on this post.

We ended up dressing up several different times this year because of Halloween being on Sunday. I dressed up for my Zumba class. Then the kids dressed up for school, and the next day we all dressed up to go trick or treating.

Here I am in my Zumba costume. :) We had a dress-up party on Tuesday and all danced in our costumes.

On Thursday I took Nathan and his friend, Alex to school. It turns out they had they the same costume and when Alex got in the car, they were both SO EXCITED. When they got out of the car they wanted to "fly" for their picture. Notice their hands? That's the position Iron Man stands in when he flies.

I dropped off the boys and Alexandra and I headed into the school for the annual Halloween Costume Parade. She was so happy because she got to wear her costume too. She is a fairy.

Once inside, the parade moved quickly through the gym. I almost missed all 3 pictures! Luckily I DID get them though. Here is Nathan in the parade. He couldn't wear the mask at school, so he is just the muscle Iron Man. It was fun to see him being such a big school kid!

Samantha dressed up as an 80's workout girl. Wow! Do I feel old or what? She made up her mind several weeks before Halloween and I managed to put this costume together. She was so proud! She was also proud of the fact that nobody else at school had her costume on.

Athena has been into the "scary" costumes for the past couple of years. In case you can't tell, she was a vampire. I put white makeup on her face and did her eyes all dark. She loved her costume too.

On Friday we got to celebrate once again! The kids were out of school and we finally got around to decorating our pumpkins that had been sitting around for almost a month.

This is the finished product. SCARY!!! Can you guess which one belongs to who?

Finally Saturday arrived and it was time to go trick or treating. The kids waited all day long and kept asking how much longer until we could start trick or treating. I kept telling them "after dinner". So, we ate dinner, started getting ready in our costumes, and then watched and waited for dusk and for other kids on our street to be out. Just about the time we deemed it would be OK to go out, a wild, windy storm front smacked our neighborhood. The sky got black, we heard thunder, and then an explosion of hail mixed with rain. Luckily, after about 1/2 hour the storm passed and left us with nothing but wet roads! This is how it looked when we decided it was safe to venture out.

Here we are at our first house to get candy. We like to go out as a family instead of leaving someone home to hand out the candy. Last year I left a bowl of candy on the porch and one single kid came and emptied the whole bowl into his sack. We knew who the kid was and I was very disappointed. So this year, I just carried my bowl of candy around and handed it out to the trick-or-treating kids as we passed them! It worked very well.

Thank you to our neighbor for taking a picture of our family!

After we finished in our neighborhood we came home and got ready to head north to the relative's houses. I hurried and snapped some pictures of the kids in their Halloween night costumes.

And one last picture of our pumpkins in the daylight.

We all really enjoyed Halloween this year. Our kids are the perfect ages where they have lots of fun and we don't end up having to carry anyone. Even though it got a little chilly later in the evening, no one wanted to stop knocking on doors so we ended up with way more candy than we needed, but also a lot of fun memories. :)

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The Allreds said...

you looked like a Zumba goddess! looks like Muhl. family got a pot of gold...the rainbow ended at their house! fun holiday memories. dressing up can be SOOOOO fun! your pumpkins were FUN too!

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