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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Braving the Cold

This winter has been so cold here! We have had several days in the single digits and teens. If I could, I'd just spend all day every day wrapped up in a few blankets sitting on the couch, but with kids that's just not possible. So I guess the next best thing is to go out and play in all the freezing cold goodness!

Ever since the snow hit the ground all the kids have been BEGGING to go sledding, so we finally found the time and bundled up! This particular day was only about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but that didn't stop us. :)

Here is Alexandra posing for the camera, of course.

I usually don't like taking the kids sledding because it's so much work for me with all the whining, carrying kids AND sleds up the hill, and forcing them to go down again "because we are here". Well, this time was so different and we all had a lot of fun! Even I didn't want to go home.

All the kids (even Alexandra) just loved sledding and wanted to go again and again and again. Alex insisted on walking up the hill herself and even carrying her own sled some of the time! It was so cute to watch the kids faces as they sped down the snowy slopes.

Every time Alex went down, either by herself or with someone else, she just had this enormous grin on her face and she would giggle all the way down. I just wanted to soak it all in and save it for a long time.

That's Samantha sliding down the hill. This saucer was her favorite.

Nathan was just as much fun to watch. He couldn't get enough. He had that little saucer sled and just went again and again and again. As soon as he got to the bottom, he would jump off and run to the top and take it down. Sometimes he couldn't even wait to run to the top! He would get to the middle of the hill, set down his sled and just take off.

There goes Athena!

Jeremy and Alexandra again.
I did actually go down the hill and enjoy myself too, but since I'm the one with the camera, all you'll see of me is my shadow in several of the shots. Proof I was there!

Taking the kids sledding at the ages they are now is the most fun we have had with this activity and I look forward to when we can go again. I very much appreciate having our kids grow out of the toddler years, become a little more independent, and watching them having fun together as a family. :)


The Allreds said...

Enjoy that white stuff for us...none of it around here! : ( Looks like a great day outdoors. Hope you had some hot chocolate waiting for you : )
You're all cute as snow-bunnies!

Aprilyn said...

Lucky you guys..looks like you had so much fun! We can't even go outside for very long here. It is seriously that cold! We're talking -16 with the wind chill. Check out St. Joseph, MO on the Weather Channel's website. Cccccold!

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