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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girl Work/Boy Work

This year I made my own grape juice for the 2nd time. Homemade grape juice is the BEST! The only thing I absolutely cannot handle are the spiders in the grapes. So, I came up with a great solution.

Since we all drink and enjoy the juice, everyone can help. The boys get to remove all the spiders and I'll turn the grapes to juice.

Nathan didn't particularly like this job at first. He and Jeremy had to dump out all the grapes, then check them and put them back in the boxes.

I solved the problem by giving him this handy dandy glove that made the job "official" and he had no real problems after that! Gotta train him early. 

After the grapes were checked, the girl job kicked in. Athena, Samantha, and Alexandra took turns helping me wash sinkfuls of grapes and I cooked them and made the juice.

Looks like we've established a tradition! Walaa!!! Now that the spider problem is taken care of, we get homemade grape juice. :)

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Here at home said...

Oh yum. I made some grapejuice, too. Soo good. There was one batch I must not have washed good enough because I found an earwig in the bottom of the steamer when it was all done. Gross. I made sure to wash them, even take them all off the stems (a lot of work) after that. I went to get some to drink the other day and found out we had it was all gone. Dang it.

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