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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Treasure of a Find

I have so many pictures that I haven't posted to my blog, but I've been wanting to share them. I was just now going on a picture hunt, trying to decide what to post from all my pictures that date back to October when I found these beauties! Apparently the kids were having such a great time that they decided to document it with MY camera!

Seriously, who needs a horse? I'll just call this picture series "A Sad Day in the Life of Max".


Lisa said...

LOL!! That's so funny he plays along (or so it appears in the picture).

The Allreds said...

kinda reminds me of the elephant ride at circuses!! silly max! our dog was sporting (Snoopy) Native American pants last week : ) gave us a good laugh!

Megz said...

Nice pack animal you have there. What a good sport Max is!

Amy Jo Madsen said...

That is seriously hilarious! What a tolerant little dog!

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