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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jumpin Jacks Fun :)

Here is what we have been doing with lots of our time on these cold winter days. I bought a month-long "Mom and Me" pass to Jumpin Jacks in Springville. I've been taking Nathan and Samantha a couple times a week to let them get their energy out. We have had a lot of fun there. The first time we went there, Nathan was really scared to get up and jump on the toys. After I worked with him for about 15 minutes he got used to how it feels to bounce on these things and he was off and running. He hasn't quit ever since.

Jumpin Jacks is a warehouse that has been transformed into a big bouncing playhouse. Inside are several different blow-up slides and things to jump on. The kids LOVE it. Adults can jump and slide too. Lately almost every time we put on our shoes Nathan begs to go to Jumpin Jacks.

Here is Samantha taking a nice, relaxing break.

This slide is HUGE! Samantha likes it, but it's not my favorite. When you go down there is a big drop where you aren't really on the slide. I don't like that feeling - I have to be connected.

What cute kids! This picture was taken on the big blow-up toy for babies. It's for kids who are 5 years or younger. Alexandra crawls around in here and explores the bright scenery.

Here is Alexandra on a big, puffy flower. It's like a cartoon world!

This is the slide I like. The kids and I make a train and all go down together.

Nathan's favorite toy is the huge dragon that takes up the length of the warehouse. He insists on going down head-first. I am surprise he hasn't gotten hurt yet on this - especially because of how he loves to fling himself down the slides.

This is in the dragon's mouth. I love the kid's hair on these things. :)

This is Samantha's turn taking the picture. So you finally see who is doing all the talking - ME! Our pass is going to expire - I think we will use it one more time this week.


Mama Cat said...

That looks like a lot of fun--Catherine would love it! How much was your pass? Do you know the price just for a one-time thing?

big8smiley said...

Our Mom & Me pass is for 1 adult and 2 kids for one month. It was $20 and you can go as much as you want M-F between 9am - 3pm. If you go just once it is $5 for adults and $6.99 or $7.99 for kids - depending on if it's a weekday or weekend. Adults not playing are free.

The kids love this place. :)

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