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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Stop - Las Vegas!

Our first stop, after driving for 5 1/2 hours, was Las Vegas. We stayed in the Worldmark Resort there for 1 night. The kids were all very grateful to get out and stretch their legs!
I took a few pictures of the room we stayed in. We had plenty of room to move around, which was nice. It kept us from killing each other off since all 4 kids needed to get rid of their pent-up energy.

This is the room Jeremy and I slept in. The view isn't the best, you can just see into our bathroom . :)

This is the great room looking out from the kitchen. The closet there has a murphy bed that pulls down. This is where Nathan slept.
Obviously this is the kitchen. I'm glad we had a kitchen. It saved us some money eating out. We had taquitos for dinner that I cooked in the oven.

Here is where the girls slept. Athena and Samantha loved having their own beds and Alexandra slept in a playpen I set up in the closet.

This is the kid's bathroom.

After eating dinner we set out to play. Jeremy and I took the kids to the little playground at the resort. It was nice to let them run around for a little while. Alexandra is so happy she can finally walk. She had lots of fun climbing on this playset.

Nathan too!

Later we took the shuttle down to the Las Vegas strip. This isn't my favorite place to be - I don't really love Las Vegas. It also turned out to be a big bummer because we walked down to the Mirage. I wanted the girls to see the volcano show. When we got there, the whole thing was closed down for maintenance and the pool was completely drained! We turned around and decided to go into the Mirage to see the Secret Garden with a baby white tiger. After much weaving around through the casino and following the signs we got to the location only to find it closed. 2 strikes! It was supposed to be open, but for whatever reason, it wasn't. Super bummer. We got to walk all the way back through the casino just to find our way out. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. Here come Jeremy and I pushing a double stroller with 2 other kids trailing behind. It seems we were the entertainment for the night with the looks we got.

We had one other stop in mind, the Bellagio. I wanted the kids to see the fountains. The fountains at Bellagio are one of the only things I like about Las Vegas. They are amazing and so fun to watch. I could sit there for hours! Thankfully these were not cancelled, drained, or turned off. We did get to see a couple of shows before we had to leave to catch our shuttle back to the condo.

We are waiting here for the show to begin and making our own fun.


Nathan enjoyed this view of the show on my shoulders. His eye-level when he was standing was right at the railing.

I can't remember what the first show with music was. I only remember the 2nd one because it mesmerized me so much! Every time I hear this song it almost moves me to tears. I found it on YouTube so you could enjoy it too, even though it is 100 times better in person. I think the trip was worth it for all of us. Athena was very moved by this show too. She kept bringing it up to me and telling me that it just made her feel so good inside. Cute. :) Now I have to add this CD to my list of things to buy!

This was Alexandra's fun for the night. She enjoyed her liquid refreshment.

All of us together. Alex can't be seen because she is in the front of the stroller. A side note with this picture - Jeremy told me that I can't wear this shirt any more because it makes me look pregnant. For the record, I am NOT pregnant. It is also not a maternity shirt - it is a baby doll shirt FYI.


Chinchia said...

We miss having you guys here. It's a bummer to live to far away. I have that Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli song on my blog.

Aprilyn said...

I'd hate to agree. The shirt makes you look pregnant. Maybe it looks different in person. :)

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