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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alexandra Walks!

Alexandra is finally walking and working on being more consistent at it. She is starting to enjoy the joys of carrying something in her hand and getting from one place to the other at the same time - as opposed to crawling and having a hard time toting her toys. She is a very busy girl and this will just add another dimension of busy-ness. Here are a couple of videos I took today of her walking to me.

Last night Nathan was in the bath. I left to go look for something and I heard Nathan making a bunch of noise. Then I heard him say, "Baby is in the tub!" I ran into the bathroom to find Alexandra sitting there, happy as can be, playing in the tub in her dress. She didn't seem to care at all that she was fully dressed and sopping wet. When I pulled her out she had a huge screaming fit!


Aprilyn said...

Look at her go! That's awesome! It's so exciting when they first learn to walk!! Look out world, here she comes!

bobatharoo said...

That is funny! Often, when Jacob is in the tub, Katie will go in and swish her arms in the water as far as she can reach in but she hasn't taken the plunge yet!

Lisa said...

That's funny, because just today, I walked in to the bathroom to see Lahela standing in the tub, fully dressed, while my Nathan took a bath. She also threw a screaming, back-arching fit when I took her out.

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