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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Trip is Over

Well, we made it home from our 11-day journey. :) We had so much fun the kids didn't want to come home! I have a lot or pictures to post in the next week or so. Thankfully everything turned out to be really good on our trip and we didn't have any major problems. Even though it's a bummer to not be on the trip anymore, it's nice to be home again. Our neighbor watered our garden for us, so we have lots of nice plants in the backyard.

Last night when I was unpacking our stuff, I was in Nathan's room putting his clothes away. I kept hearing a bird chirping over and over and over. I asked Samantha if there was a toy making a bird noise and she said no. I went and opened his blinds to look into the window well and I couldn't see anything outside. It was very puzzling to me. Finally I went outside and walked around to where his window is. I heard the bird chirping again. I looked all around the A/C unit and in the bush by his window. Still nothing. Then I looked down inside his window well, and I finally focused in on the bird. There was a bird stuck in his window well! His window well is covered by a grate, so I figured the bird probably fell in and couldn't fly out.

I had Jeremy come and look. He opened the grate and put a shovel down in the window well. After much maneuvering he managed to get the weak little bird onto the shovel. It was so weak it could hardly move. The bird is one of the baby robins from the nest in our tree. It still can't fly and must have hopped over there and fell in. We have no idea how long it was there and don't know if it will live. It wouldn't eat anything - Jeremy even went and found it a worm. Darn it! We saw the one of the other birds in our backyard. It could fly enough to get to the top of the fence and sit on it, but that's about it. The nest was empty when we got home and we figured all the little birds had flown away, but they are still hanging around. I wonder where the mother is.

So, compared to our trip, and then our bird incident, today is quite uneventful. Maybe I'll go to Walmart to get some milk and fruit so we have something fresh in the house. WOO HOO! Now I have a PLAN! LOL.

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Aprilyn said...

I'm glad you had a good time. How fun to go on a family vacation! Too bad about the bird. Did it die then? I don't know who you could call to help the bird.

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