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Monday, June 30, 2008

Potato Bug Rules

Last night we had some friends over to play games. While we were playing games, the kids were outside collecting potato bugs and putting them in the little bug box we have.

This morning I had to laugh because as we were sitting at breakfast Athena mentioned that she needed to go out and feed them this morning and take care of them. She then told me that she had some rules for the potato bugs. She listed them for me so I hurried and grabbed a pen and paper. Here they are:

Potato Bug Rules
  1. Stay off the net or I will flick you off.

  2. If you flip over, flip yourself back or Samantha will come and flip you back.

  3. If you die, I'll throw you away and get a new one.

Unfortunately when we went out to check on the bugs they were all dead. Baked in the sun. I guess that 3rd rule will have to come into play, because after all, those are THE rules.

1 comment:

Aprilyn said...

Good to know there are rules about these things. :)
Kids are so funny!

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