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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Vitamins??

I frequently talk about food choices and exercise with the girls to help them learn how to keep their bodies healthy. I currently have the unhealthy practice of eating chips with lunch if we have sandwiches. Yes, I know they are not real good for you - as are a lot of other things we eat. In general, I think we eat pretty good.

We were having lunch a couple of days ago and I made sandwiches. I then asked the kids if they wanted Cheetos or Doritos to go with their sandwich. Athena said, "Which ones have more vitamins?" After pausing and thinking for a bit of what a horrible mother I must be I replied, "uh . . . . neither. Chips are not really good for you."

I wonder if I'm the only mom that struggles with this. I eat junk myself, but then to knowingly feed it to my kids?? I guess my justification is that it's not killing them right now - and so many people live to a good old age having eaten a little bit of junk here and there all along. So, I'm not tearing myself up about it, but it did give me something interesting to think about. Thanks, Athena, for bringing it to my attention.


Mama Cat said...

Renee, I'm sure you are one of the best moms for feeding your kids healthy and exercising with them and around them. I don't think you have to eat everything healthy all the time to set a good example for your kids or teach them correctly. Actually, when moms don't allow any junk, kids want more of it when they can get it. I worry, too, b/c Catherine's birthmom has diabetes and I don't want her to develop it, but I have to remind myself that a treat sometimes really is OK.

Aprilyn said...

I've been going to Water Aerobics every day (except Sunday) for a week now and I'm so proud of myself. I really enjoy the water so this is the perfect exercise for me. I've been trying really hard to serve more fruits and veggies. I think it's Ok to give chips sometimes too. As a kid I didn't have them every day but it was exciting to have a special treat.

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