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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Salem Pond to Feed Ducks

On Tuesday we went to Salem Pond to feed the ducks with Cathy and her kids. It seems the ducks aren't that hungry lately because they wouldn't come over and just take our leftover bread and tortillas! When Cathy and I were on the phone together to arrange it, I told her I had leftover "duck bread" that I was saving for whenever we could go. I didn't hear her ask if she needed to bring bread - but I would have answered "yes" because I didn't have very much. Just a few heels and some tortillas. She thought I told her not to bring bread, so the portions were meager.
While we were at Salem Pond we saw a lady come to feed the ducks with her son. She had a huge grocery bag full of "pre-ripped" bread. Cathy and I were laughing about the fact that she sat at home and ripped all her bread in preparation for feeding the ducks. We would just hand our kids a slice of bread and tell them to rip it up in little pieces. It was like she sat at home preparing duck sacrament so she could come. We had a little laugh about that. Then, as we were walking around the path feeding the ducks, we noticed she was in front of us and she was attracting all the ducks with her fancy pre-ripped bread. We went over close to her because that's where the ducks were. She saw us coming and threw out a bunch of fancy bread to the duck group and walked away. So all of her bread is on the path that you can see. And funny, I just noticed I can see that lady in the picture! She is farther up the path in the white shirt holding a bag. LOL!

After we ran out of bread, the lady made her rounds again and came with her bread. We had noticed that she didn't seem to want to be where we were feeding the ducks. The kids still wanted to feed the ducks, but because of our meager amount of bread, we had run out. I told Cathy I would give her a dollar if she went over to where that lady was throwing out her pre-ripped bread, and when the lady threw out her bread, Cathy would hurry and gather it up off the ground. Cathy refused. What's wrong with her?

I found this little group of ducks hiding right next to the shoreline in the brush. The kids LOVED seeing all the cute ducklings. :)

On every trip to Salem Pond you HAVE to go across the bridge. Jacob was very nervous about going across the bridge because he thought he was going to fall in. This freaked all the other kids out and no one would step on the cracks between the boards. It was funny to watch them walk so carefully!

Here is Jacob trying not to fall into the cracks.

After walking around we spent some time with the kids at the playground. Everyone had a lot of fun together! Here is where Alexandra spent a lot of her time.

Here is Nathan on the play bridge.

Turns out this bridge is quite popular and a good place for posing. All the kids had to have their turn!

Alexandra LOVES to slide. I tell her 1-2-3-go! She waits for the "go" and then pushes off with a big smile. I almost didn't get this picture because she pushed off to go so fast on her own. She is such a fun little baby girl.

Here is proof that I went on this outing. Thanks Cathy for your photography skills. I'm so happy that it's summer and we can spend more time outdoors all together. This is my favorite time of the year!


Aprilyn said...

That is funny. You didn't have the "good" bread eh? Maybe next time, you'll be better prepared and go with a huge bag full of pre-ripped bread. You should make sure it's the organic bread because you never know with ducks. NOT!! LOL! I love the pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Chinchia said...

What a fun day! It's outings like that that make me really miss living nearer to my sisters. We don't so stuff like that. Maybe we should.

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