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Friday, June 20, 2008

Another One??

A couple of days ago I was in our front yard and I noticed a bunch of weeds and what looked like stripped bark around our maple tree. I looked all around and checked the trunk of the tree and couldn't figure out why all that was sitting in the front yard. Then yesterday we were out there again and Samantha looked up and said, "We have a nest!" I said, "'Yeah, a hummingbird nest." She said, "No! We have another nest!" I looked in the tree, and right there at eye level is a robin's nest! It's so cool! I've never seen one so close to the ground. I also can't believe I didn't think to look IN the tree when I saw that stuff sitting on the ground.

I think it's so amazing to see the nest in the tree up close like we can. It's so intricately woven together. It's a miracle that birds can do that with just their beak. It is quite secure and shaded inside our little tree. Of course, seeing a nest so up close, I just had to check inside.

I bent the trunk of the tree slightly and peeked inside the nest and sure enough, there are 2 eggs inside. :) We are going to have our own little hatchery. It's so exciting! I was able to lift up all 3 older kids and let them see the eggs inside too.

Our house is well-guarded now by our birds. Jeremy and I have seen them battle each other in the back yard too. This is turning out to be quite an exciting summer! I hope we can have some pictures of little babies to share later in the season.

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Aprilyn said...

What a neat experience for the kids!

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