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Thursday, June 5, 2008

My New Swimsuits!!!

I'm so excited!

I have real swimsuit issues and whenever I go shopping for swimsuits it is a big letdown because there isn't anything decent in the stores to choose from. I finally broke down and ordered a few from Victoria's Secret. I was so nervous that they wouldn't fit right and I even had a dream about getting them in the mail and having them be all wrong.

Yesterday I received my shipment via UPS. I ripped those suits out of the box so fast, and when I tried them on all 3 were a perfect fit!! I've never had that kind of success rate in the store. :) They all have great support and cover me where I want to be covered. I'm happy that I'm finally happy with my swim wear and I'm anxious for it to get warm enough now to sport it.


ebow said...

Uh...duh...where are the pictures of you sporting the new threads????

big8smiley said...

LOL! Meet me at the pool. :)

Chinchia said...

Lucky you. I'm not even thinking swimsuit this year. You'll have to model them all at the beach in a few weeks.

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