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Monday, June 9, 2008

We Have a Hummingbird!

Yesterday Jeremy went out onto our front porch and a hummingbird was flying around the porch and watching him. He called all of us to come and see and it was still there flying around the porch. We noticed that it was watching us all very closely and it would fly farther away, then swoop in real close and stay within a few feet of us while hovering in the air and chirping. It kept doing this and I told Jeremy that it must have a nest around here - otherwise it would fly away. We looked around for a minute and Lo and Behold! It has built its nest on the electrical outlet Jeremy has used for the Christmas lights!

We figured there has to be eggs in the nest or the hummingbird wouldn't be protecting it so profusely. Jeremy was able to stand up on a chair and hold the camera over the nest to get a picture of the inside. Here is what is in it:

Jeremy has been talking about getting up and taking down the lights for quite some time but hasn't gotten to it yet. Thank goodness he didn't or we wouldn't get to take part in this exciting discovery. :) The hummingbird has been extremely territorial. If we even walk out the door onto the porch it swoops towards the porch and watches very intently while hovering. It will also go to the bush on the side of our house and sit and watch from there if we go out into the front yard. I opened up the computer room window to see it closely and it even swooped at me on the other side of the screen!

This is the view from the computer room window:

Here she is hovering and watching me while I took the picture this morning.

It's funny to me that last night before Jeremy and I went to bed, Jeremy went and slowly opened the door to check on our little bird. Then he whispered to me, "She's sleeping." I went and looked and she was all tucked in her nest with her head down. She looked so cute! So, for now we will watch our little bird and wait for the eggs to hatch.


Jess Perry said...

I think hummingbirds are so cute!! I am jealous...I want a hummingbird and a nest with eggs. I bet your girls love it!

Mama Cat said...

How cool! My cousin and her family had a similar thing--their hummingbird nest was on top of something over their front door, although I can't remember what now. It was a really fun experience for their family. I just still can't get over how small their nests and eggs are. So cute!

Chinchia said...

I wish we could come see your new pet. That is a very exciting thing for the kids to see.

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