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Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh No! My Teeth!

Samantha was sobbing downstairs. I asked her to come up and tell me what was wrong. She and Nathan had had a little fight earlier and her teeth got knocked. She told me that Nathan made her teeth loose. I checked them and sure enough, her two front teeth are loose. I explained to her that it is time for them to be loose because she is going into the first grade and that it isn't Nathan's fault her teeth are loose. She still kept crying and crying. I told her it would be OK and they weren't going to fall out tomorrow - it will take time. She finally said,"Well if my teeth come out then I won't be able to whistle!"


Aprilyn said...

Awww. I hope she can learn to whistle again without her 2 front teeth.

Chinchia said...

Some kids are so excited to finally have their teeth start falling out (go figure). Looks like Samantha isn't one of those kids.

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