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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dancing Beauties

Can you believe how big these girls are getting? They are so beautiful! This is from this year's end-of-year dance recital. Athena and Samantha both take dance at the same studio, but with different teachers. This was Athena's 5th year of dance and Samantha's 4th. It's been fun to watch them get better each year and build on what they learned the last year.

Here is Athena's solo shot. She did great in her dances this year, but I still think her favorite part about the recital is the roses she gets at the end.

Samantha's solo shot. As you can guess, her favorite part is the dancing. :) But she'll take the roses anyway!

A sister shot together. I'm really proud of them for doing their best.

This is a picture of Athena in the middle of one of her dances. She is the 2nd one in on the left.

Samantha's dance - she is the 2nd one in from the right.

I also included the exclusive videos from "inside the review". Each of them did 2 dances. This first one is Samantha's first dance in the review. (pause the music at the bottom of my blog)

This is Athena's first dance.

Samantha's 2nd dance.

Athena's 2nd dance.

Good job girls! You did great and I love you!!

1 comment:

Matt and Cristina said...

They are beautiful! They seem like they really enjoy it too. What talented girls you have.

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