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Friday, July 23, 2010

Trick Class Review

The theme for Nathan's "trick class" review this year was a circus theme. It's really gymnastics class, but since he learns all kinds of cool tricks, we call it his trick class. I took this picture before the performance started.

I thought the ball idea was kind of silly. It went along with the theme of the performance, but the kids only used the ball when they first marched out to do their warmup, then the balls were put in the back room. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, really, except for the fact that as each parent came into the room to take their seats, the teacher handed us each a ball to blow up. We all spent about 10-15 minutes getting completely winded and light headed, and then the performance started. They used the balls for about 4 minutes, then cast them aside for the rest of the hour. LOL

I really enjoyed watching Nathan this year. He has learned a lot and is getting stronger. I can see that he is less afraid on the equipment and he really enjoys it.

Great balance! Notice his shirt? It looks like a dress! All the little girls shirts fit perfectly and looked really cute. For some reason they don't make T-shirts in little boy sizes? Hm . . .

Here is Nathan waiting for his turn on the next activity. The poor little girls sitting next to him! He was teasing them relentlessly!!! Maybe when they are all older they will appreciate the teasing a little more.

Ta da!

At the end, all of the kids got a trophy. Nathan was SO PROUD of his trophy! He wouldn't let go of it for even a second to let anyone get a look.

We tried to take a picture in the hallway after the performance and Nathan wouldn't stop looking at his trophy long enough to look up for a picture.
Nathan is a fun little boy and I'm proud of him for completing another year of gymnastics. He has done very well and is looking forward to starting up again at the end of the summer.


Matt and Cristina said...

He sure looks proud! That's funny that you had to blow up the balls for no reason. Next year you'll have to bring along your air pump!

dena4kids said...

cute pics! I love the one he won't stop looking at his trophy.=)Good Job Nathan!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

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