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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First County Swim Meet

This year Athena and Samantha have been on the swim team for the first time. They have been very dedicated about going every single morning and haven't complained even once. We attended 2 swim meets during the summer, which qualified them to compete in the county swim meet. The county meet just happened to fall on the same day we got our dancers from Paraguay who were staying with us, so they came too! Sorry, Jeremy about your lousy picture, but I think Athena and Samantha look cute. They are so excited. :)

Here are the girls who stayed with us for a week. Tati is on the left and Ale is on the right. We brought video games along to keep them and the little kids entertained. They really liked playing Jeremy's PSP - Pac Man!

Samantha was the first to swim. She competed in the freestyle and did really well. I tried to enforce with Athena and Samantha that they needed to try to improve their own times and not worry about whether or not they came in first, second, third, etc. Well, Samantha swam the freestyle 5.5 seconds faster than her best recorded time and came in 2nd place for her heat!
Then it was Athena's turn to swim the freestyle. Her form was awesome and she pushed herself really hard. She finished a whole 16 seconds faster than her previously recorded time! She also was first in her heat and received a ribbon. I really enjoyed watching her race - she was a full body length in front of the other kids in her heat.

Here is Samantha waiting to get into the water for her backstroke. She looks so small to me!

Samantha also improved her time on the backstroke by 6 seconds and came in 1st place for her heat. She was thrilled to get a ribbon, just like Athena did before. :)

Last, but not least, Athena swam her backstroke. Not to brag or anything, but she was 5 seconds faster yet again AND came in 1st place for her heat!  The unfortunate thing is that it was a very close race and the computer recorded Athena as being first, but by human error, someone gave the "heat winner" ribbon to another girl. Athena was very gracious about it and chose to be happy with the ribbon she already had, knowing that she won in both of her events.
I'm very proud of both Athena and Samantha for working hard on the swim team. They look great in the water and have pushed themselves without getting too competitive. I'm glad it's been fun for them and not a chore. I have to admit I'm a little jealous because I'm an awful swimmer - so I guess I'll live vicariously through them on this one and enjoy watching them excel. GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!


Megz said...

That's awesome! Good job girls.

The Allreds said...

sounds like that's a perfect sport for them! congratulations on the great successes and sportsmanship! wish I was swimming right now!

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