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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

Yesterday I took the kids to the school for their "Meet the Teachers" event. They were really excited about seeing where they would be spending this next year, finding their desks and coathooks, and meeting their teachers.

This is Nathan's first year of school - he is starting Kindergarten! I can't believe he will be gone for a whole 2 1/2 hours every day. His class has a pet guinea pig that he is pretty excited about. He is also excited about having recess EVERY DAY. I hope he will learn to love the other aspects of school. This is his teacher, Mrs. Davis. He is pointing to his name on the wall.

Samatha's teacher is Mr. Lai. I don't have any concerns about her at all this year. She is so excited to be starting to school this year. I ask her what she is excited about and she just says she is excited to learn. :) This is her first year having a male teacher.

It is also Athena's first year having a male teacher. His name is Mr. Ewell. I've known him for several years and I'm sure she will enjoy being in his class. Athena is the most apprehensive about going back to school, as usual. I'm hoping that her 5th grade year is a lot of fun for her and that she will be excited about the new things she is learning. She is way more into the "friend" thing because we had some problems last year with some of her friends. Hopefully it will be less of a problem this year and she can gain more of a love of learning. Overall, she is positive about being in the 5th grade and happy about the fresh start. :)

I love that Athena and Samantha are still young enough to show their excitement outright. Last night when I got home from working out, I peeked into their bedrooms as they were sleeping and saw on each of their floors their "1st day of school" outfit all laid out nicely on the floor. It's so cute how they take great care in making sure everything is in place for the first day and their excitement of having all those new clothes be UNLOCKED (so to speak).

These are the clothes that made the list for the first day this year! I took this picture of the girls right before I drove them to school.

Also new this year, the messenger bags instead of the backpacks. Wow they are really growing up. Here is Samantha right before going inside to start her day. She is a big 3rd grader!

And Athena is an even bigger 5th grader!! This is right before she also went in to start her day. :)
I walked the girls into their classrooms and that was that! Nathan was a little confused when we went in the school and I didn't take him to his classroom. He doesn't start until next week because the Kindergarten teachers take a week to do assessments with each kindergartener. I'll go in with Nathan tomorrow morning for his assessment.  I think we got started on the right foot and will have another great year!


Megz said...

They look so cute. My boys 1st day of school outfits weren't nearly so put together--they weren't ready to 'unlock' their new clothes yet, I guess!
Hope it's a good year!

The Allreds said...

Samantha looks like she's catching up to her big sister in heighth (sp??). Sara had issues with "friends" last year too, maybe it was a 4th grade "thing!" Athena's teacher was a candlestick in Beauty and the Beast, right!?!? I bet he'd make a great teacher if he brings that pizzazz to the classroom! Enjoy the year and the NEW clothes : )

Lisa said...

Looks like a good first day of school. It's so fun to see the kids get so excited about going back to school. Athena and Samantha look real spiffy in their new outfits.

Shnopa said...

Very cute pictures. I'm glad the kids are excited about school and I'm sure you'll be having lots of fun with Alex while they're gone. What a lucky girl to have mom all to herself.

Amy Jo Madsen said...

"Mr. Ewell." Hee, hee! That's fun that she got him as a teacher.

I hope Nathan has a great 1st day!

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