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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiking Day with Our Dancers

The second day with our dancers we decided to hike from Sundance up to Stewart Falls. Here we are fresh and ready to go!

When we arrived the ski lift was closed because it looked like a big storm was closing in over the area. The clouds were really dark in the valley and we pretty much just planned on getting rained on. We started our hike anyway and figured we would just take what comes.

As we hiked, we kept on watching for the awful storm to come sweeping over the mountain. Surprisingly, it never did! We got really lucky! :) On one of our rests, Nathan quickly took the opportunity to arrange the rocks into the letter "U".

After about 20 minutes into the hike, the prize came into view. See the pretty waterfall behind the kids and the girls? Tati is in the yellow and Ale is in the pink, standing with our kids.

Alex and I got behind everyone else for awhile because she was getting whiny and her legs were tired. We found this huge dandelion and it kept her occupied for a while as we continued our hike. I love that she could blow and blow and blow and I didn't even have to care where the seeds went.

After about 45-50 minutes we arrived all hot and sweaty at the waterfall. Ahhhhh! So refreshing!

A boy and his walking stick.

Me and the girls. :) Even though I didn't speak Spanish and they didn't speak English, we managed to have a good time together. I did buy an emergency Spanish-English dictionary at Walmart before we left and it helped out a lot.

Nathan and Alexandra really enjoyed throwing rocks into the river. This is an endless activity that keeps the kids occupied every time we are at a waterfront. Thankfully they didn't peg anyone in the head, either.

Isn't this waterfall so pretty? Here it is from top to bottom.

This is our whole family with our dancers from Paraguay.

Jeremy and Ale enjoyed getting in the icy water. Not my cup of tea! But really they didn't even get wet - just a few drops. Jeremy was especially proud of himself for walking behind the waterfall. Way to go Jeremy!

Athena enjoyed this very picturesque spot as well.

We stayed by the waterfall about 1/2 hour before beginning our descent back down the trail from whence we came. This picture was taken looking back on the mountain - the back of Mt. Timponogos.

We drove home after Sundance and everyone fell asleep in the car. We were home for just a couple of hours before it was time to pack up and head off to the folk dance festival for the night. When we got home I enjoyed chatting with Ale and Tati for a little while. Thank goodness for google translate and a laptop! That tool is amazing! We got to know our girls so much better despite the language barrier. This is what we did for most of the time when we were home together.

When it was time, we all got ready and headed to the festival. We took just a couple of pictures of the Paraguay team dancing. Don't they look great?

Here they are doing their jar dance. Their dances were all really entertaining. Athena and Samantha especially liked their costumes!

Last picture - we were sitting on blankets on the hill to watch the performance. Alexandra was all engrossed, just laying on the blanket when I asked her to look up for this great photo opportunity.

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