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Friday, August 27, 2010

He Lost It

This morning while I was still in bed, Nathan came in and told me that his tooth was loose and was going to come out. That's the first I had heard of him having a loose tooth! I guess I didn't realize it was that time for him already.

I fed the kids toast for breakfast and he was having a really hard time with it. I showed him how to break his toast into smaller pieces and then chew it with his back teeth. He said it really hurt and started to cry over breakfast, so we had a big discussion about how your teeth become loose and why they fall out. Eventually he finished his food and I told him to just wiggle it with his tongue throughout the day.

We took the girls to school and came home, and within 10 minutes of being home he yelled out, "MY TOOTH CAME OUT!!" That was fast! He was so excited! He ran into the bathroom to check out the new hole in his smile. Then he washed off his tooth and I put it in a baggie for him. He looks so much older to me now. :)

So it looks like tonight he will receive his first visit from the tooth fairy! She sure better remember this time.

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The Allreds said...

congratulations nathan! you've hit the BIG time, BIG-BOY that is!!! I told Garrett he wasn't allowed to lose his top ones and sure enough, this summer he did :(
his perm. tooth is growing in so fast he's going to be a grown up boy before I know it! why is it that everyone grows up so fast yet I still feel the same??? guess that's where the "29 and holding" saying came from!?!?

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