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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peaks, Creamies, and Dancing

These pictures are from our 3rd day with our dancers. :) They really wanted to go shopping, so we took them to a few different stores in the area. Their favorite store was Ross, by far! They loved going in there so much that we ended up spending about an hour in there this day and then we had to go back the next day. We had planned on also going to Seven Peaks, so we had to shuffle everyone out of the store to make sure we'd have enough time to swim. We ended up eating Little Caeser's pizza on the grass outside of the store and headed over to the waterpark.

I guess our friends don't have a waterpark where they live in Paraguay and they were very surprised/nervous/excited about this place. Jeremy and I made sure they tried several of the different slides and pools. They seemed to like the wave pool the best. It was really fun to watch them trying out waterslides for the first time!

After Seven Peaks, we wanted to take them out for ice cream, but when we got there the line was so long and we just didn't have enough time to wait. We ended up buying a few boxes of creamies and sharing them in front of the store. They definitely hit the spot! Here are Tati and Ale enjoying their creamies.

Samantha and Alex are busy attacking their creamies too. :)

These are all the girls we had with us (between us and our friends). In order across the picture is Samantha, Made, Clari, Pao, Tati, Ale, and Me.

We went to the folk dance festival every night. You would think it would get old, but the show changes every night. Here are some of the dances from this night. This is a dancer from the Morning Star group. They are the Native American dancers.

Here is the Polynesian group. They are from this area - same as the Native American group. They are performing a Tahitian dance - one of my favorites to watch!

This group is from Spain. I know it looks boring, but they were actually quite entertaining. :) The guys were funny. We looked forward to them each night.

And here are our dancers from Paraguay! This is Ale doing her dance.

Here is Tati in the middle of the bottle dance.

They also added a little spunk by stacking the bottles. This girl ended up balancing 9 bottles on her head! The bottles were screwed in together, but still, can you do that?

Grand finale!
Each day was tiring, but still very entertaining. After the performance, we went home and ended up talking on the computer (through google translate) with Ale and Tati until about 1:30am. Good times!

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