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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday on a Trip :)

I'm still blogging about the trip we took over Memorial Day. Would I just hurry and get it over with?!! Sorry, you will have to suffer a bit longer. This summer has been so insanely busy that you are lucky I'm able to sit down and put this up even now.

So . . . these pictures are from the Sunday of our trip to St. George.

On Sunday we woke up early and went to a local church. It was weird to be there because it was like stake conference, but it was a normal ward. There were so many people in the sacrament meeting room that they had to open up all the dividers and it filled up to the back of the gym. We only planned on staying until the end of sacrament meeting, so when it was over we got up and filed out along with about 2/3 of the congregation. They must love it when vacationers come to town. I'm sure it really boosts their budgets, but I do wonder how many people there were actually IN that ward. Crazy.

When we got back to the condo, Jeremy and I were so tired from the previous day so we just sat around until it was time to put the little kids down for a nap. Then we zonked out too and left Athena and Samantha up to play on the DS and watch TV. Thankfully they are old enough now to handle themselves. When we woke up it was really quiet except for a few giggles in Nathan and Alex's room. We came in to find them also entertaining themselves on Alexandra's bed. At least they didn't wreck the place.

We ate lunch and headed downtown to visit Brigham Young's winter home. We have been there before, but it is still neat visit and the kids enjoyed it.

This is the front entrance at the start of the tour.

Side of the house, and side of Jeremy's head.

On the outside of the house they had a pecan tree with a bunch of pecans on the ground below it. We all enjoyed cracking open the nuts and trying them out. They were so fresh and good! I'm not much of a pecan lover, but after tasting those ones, I wouldn't mind having a pecan tree of my own.

We took just a few pictures of the inside rooms in the house. This was Brigham Young's dining room.

Here is the kitchen. I very much prefer the kind of stove I have.

This is a spinning wheel and sewing maching in the hired hand's room.

Here is a better view of the front of the house. It's really neat for a pioneer home. I like to imagine the people back then living in this house and carrying on daily life.

After the tour Athena and Samantha wanted to get pictures with the missionary who gave us the tour.

So, that's pretty much our Sunday activity. We came home and swam. :) I prefer the hot tub and the rest of the family preferred the pool.

Alexandra was jumping in and swimming to Jeremy. She swims with her head under the water for a few feet and then we have to pull her up out of the water because she doesn't really know to come up and breathe. Jeremy was done catching her for awhile and told her to go to the shallow pool. He was on the other side of the pool playing with the older girls when he started yelling at me to hurry and get Alex. She had decided to jump in and swim where it was too deep. I ran over, jumped in, and grabbed her just as she was sinking in the middle of the pool. She made it that far by swimming and couldn't stay up any more. SCARY! I held her for awhile and tried to scare her into not doing that anymore but it didn't work. Within 5 minutes she was ready to go back and jump in. I look forward to when she is a bit taller and I don't have to worry so much!

That wraps up Sunday on our trip. We did pack up and get ready to go the next morning, but I won't go into those details. It was a lot of collecting and putting into bags. Yeah, fun.  I'll include just one more picture from our balcony.

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Megz said...

I think I could give the BY winter home tour--it's always a must on any St George trip.
So scary about Alex. Maybe she thinks she's Ariel? She'll be an awesome swimmer though!

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