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Monday, December 3, 2007

Athena's Birthday Party

Friday was a very busy day. I spent most of the day getting ready for Athena's party. I baked her cake in the morning and decorated it all afternoon, then cleaned as much as I could. Here are the fruits of my labor.

I guess all my hard work paid off for the cake, because when I brought it out and placed it in front of Athena, there were many ooohs and aaahs from the crowd. :)

We played most of our games down in the family room. This picture is when the princesses had all arrived and I was explaining our first game.

The kids all had a lot of fun. This is the game where we rolled the dice and if the kids got doubles, they had to put my socks on their hands and try to unwrap a gift. It got pretty crazy!

Upstairs, opening presents. Now that Athena is a good reader, she stopped to read every card and note. Cute. :)

Opening the presents. Athena got so much cute stuff! She was really happy with everything she received.

This is the anticipation of the cake!!!!!


Athena's party turned out to be a lot of fun. I'm glad the kids all enjoyed their time here. :)


Mama Cat said...

You did an awesome job on the cake! It looked great, and I'm glad the party turned out well.

I can't believe Athena got crazy is that? I think that makes you officially old.

big8smiley said...

Geez, how unfair is that? You have a lot longer before you have to be old. DANG IT!! :)

Thanks about the party and cake comment. It did turn out well and the girls all had fun. They were ranting and raving about the cake too, like it was the most delicious thing they had ever eaten. It's funny - it was just a normal Butter Recipe Yellow cake. I guess the decorations make a huge impact on how it tastes!

Aprilyn said...

WOW! Awesome cake! I'm glad the party was a success! My favorite part is when it's all over!

Aprilyn said...

Oh, I guess I was thinking Athena was your 2nd child. So this is your first baptism?! I bet it was a wonderful day!!! There is a really cute scrapbook for the day that we got Nathan. It had places for everyone to write down their testimony to him. I wanted to buy just about everything there in the baptism section of Deseret Book!!

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