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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today is mine and Jeremy's 10 year wedding anniversary. I'm really happy to be married to Jeremy, so today, my posting is going to be for him.

10 Things I Love About Jeremy

1. He opens my door for me, turns back the bed at night, gets my towel ready for a shower.

2. He empties all the garbages and cleans up the messes that make me gag (literally).

3. He likes to hold my hand and put his arm around me.

4. He likes to spend time together as a family doing activities.

5. A lot of times when he gets dressed he asks me, "Does this look OK?"

6. He always says I look good, even when I just wake up.

7. He takes his turn making dinner. Also, he makes a MEAN roast and is good at cooking on the barbecuer.

8. Even though he hates to assemble things and always swears he will never buy anything again that needs to be assembled, he continues to buy things that need to be assembled and tackles those projects with a fury. :)

9. He provides for our family.

10. He loves me.

I don't know why I limited this to just 10 things. I could go on and on and on. Thanks for a great 10 years and I'm sure we will see many more "10 years" come and go together.



Mama Cat said...

Awwww....sweet! Happy anniversary! Are you going to do anything fun?

Aprilyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you found such a great guy!

big8smiley said...

We are going out tonight for a date. :) We aren't taking Alexandra either. It'll feel weird, but I'm sure we will have fun.

Jess Perry said...

Congrats on 10 years. That is awesome! You have such a great guy and a gorgeous family.
Can't wait to see you next month!! For our quarterly get together!!

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