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Monday, April 28, 2008

Parade for Sally

There is a lady named Sally who I used to visit teach. She has been a real inspiration to me and everyone around her. We found out recently that she has breast cancer. She was scheduled to go in and have a double mastectomy last Friday. Well, a little girl in our ward had the idea that we should go over and cheer her up. The lady can't leave her house right now because of the risk of germs, so the little girl wanted to have a parade in front of Sally's house to cheer her up. Last Monday for FHE, the girl's family organized a parade with everyone Sally knows in the area. I thought it was a wonderful idea and I'm thrilled that we could take part in the parade to support Sally.

I forgot my camera, so I had my friend take some pictures of us and send me them so I could post them. The parade was a really good experience for me and the girls. Jeremy ended up not coming because Nathan was asleep and he wanted to let him sleep.

We all walked past Sally's house and she was in the window watching and waving. I could tell that it made her so happy to have everyone come and support her like this.

At the end of the parade there was someone with a video camera and everyone in the parade had a chance to individually give Sally a message.

I think it's really neat how that little girl's parents took her idea and allowed her to turn it into something so wonderful. This past Sunday in our ward's church program was a poem that Sally wrote to show her love and appreciation. This is what she wrote:

Words of Enormous Thanks

I'm awed - amazed - overcome now with joy!
What a dear, grand parade - with each girl and each boy . . .
Each precious form; each precious face!
I hope each of you felt my "non-touch" embrace!!!!
The love that you gave me will in my heart stay
To make "scary Friday" now a heaven-blessed day!
I will think of each face that passed by - Oh! So dear!
So how can I worry? How can I fear?
"Thank you" in words can't reflect what's in my heart!
I'm so grateful each of you in my life's been a part!

I think it's so wonderful how we are put here on this earth to be with each other and to learn to love and help people. This experience really helped me to feel how much we can be a part of each other's lives and make a difference for the better - even by small and simple things.


Chinchia said...

That is such a neat idea. I've never heard of anything like that before. What an inspired little girl. I can only imagine the depth of impact it had on Sally. It brings tears to my eyes to realize the good we can do for others when we are willing to make just a tiny effort. We are commanded to become as a little child. If we could all think like this little girl the world would be a much better place.

bobatharoo said...

This was also VERY touching to me. Yes, I got teary eyed. It helps me remember that it's things like this that we should be doing every day. Lifting others and helping their loads to be lighter. Thanks for sharing!

Aprilyn said...

What a great idea!! I love that you guys were able to participate in that. I think it will be a lasting memory for all involved.

The Allreds said...

I never got to see that poem Sally wrote for the program, so THANKS so much for posting it! Sara will be excited when I show her tomorrow! So glad you all came, it was great having your smiling faces there! The dvd turned out awesome, we snuck a peek before Shane gave it to Sally! What a treasured memory!

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