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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plum Tuckered Out

This is what our struggle with naps has come down to. Lately this is becoming the norm at dinnertime for Nathan. He is so cute - but in a way it makes me sad. He just plain COULD NOT finish and had to give in.


Mama Cat said...

My kiddo decided a couple months ago (at 2 1/2) that she was done with naps. I let it go for a few days (after a few tears shed on my part), but she was SO cranky and SO tired--even though I put her to bed an hour earlier. I finally decided there just had to be a way, and started laying down with her in my bed to get her to sleep for her nap. It's not ideal, and it's probably not something I could do if I had younger kids, but I decided it's worth my sanity (and 2 hours of peace and quiet and getting something done) to lay down with her for a few minutes. Lately, she's even taken to napping on the couch by herself. It's so much better than the crankiness!

Sorry you're going through the struggle, too. Not real fun, is it?

Aprilyn said...

That's so funny!! Marshall hasn't napped consistently in FOREVER but he can't just fall asleep like that either. Thanks to medicine, he is able to settle down at all for bed. Good luck with the tired Nathan issue. You could try an earlier bedtime I guess. I used to put my Nathan to bed at 7pm. Now the boys go to bed at 8pm unless things are too crazy around here.

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