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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swimming During Spring Break

On Friday of Spring Break, Jeremy took the day off work and we took the kids swimming at the Lehi pool. Grandma Lynda also came with us to watch the kids swim. We all had so much fun! The Lehi pool is indoors and the water is nice and warm. They also have water slides and things for the kids to play on. I'd have to say the drive was worth it for a good cold-weather swim.

Last year Nathan was doing so well in the water, but this time he was freaking out if he got splashed on or if he went under the water. We will have some catching up to do. I'm going to also put him in swimming lessons for the first time this year. He did like playing in the water as long as he didn't go under.

Alexandra LOVED standing up in this shallow part of the pool. It was so shallow that she could stand up and just hold onto the side. She didn't want to get out. Every time we would put her out of the pool on the edge she would quickly crawl back over to the water and come right back in to us.

Samantha and Athena are fish in the water. At least compared to me! They love to swim under water and see how far they can swim without putting their feet down. They are doing really well!

Grandma, we wish you would have brought your suit! We were still glad you came - even if just to watch.
Thanks to all for a really fun afternoon! I can't wait for summer when we can all go swimming more often. :)

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Aprilyn said...

That is my favorite pool! My kids just love it!! Let me know next time you want to go and maybe we can meet ya there.

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