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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

General Conference

PSHWEW! We made it through! I really enjoyed General Conference this weekend - or rather, I really enjoyed what I heard of General Conference this weekend. I think I'm still recuperating.

I love listening to the talks that are given and yes, I had my favorites this weekend. However, I missed out on a lot of the loving feelings of the spirit due to the many blowups and meltdowns that it took to get through conference. It is so HARD with 4 little kids to listen and enjoy. We did have the little "conference packets" for kids to do, and they worked perfectly for the first half of the first session. After that we were on our own.

Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say is - I'm grateful for General Conference and the blessings and spirit it brings. I'm also quite grateful it is done and I hope that I can get back to normal.

I had my own little scare Sunday through Monday. I started having really bad chest pain that wouldn't go away and it was affecting my arms and legs and making me a little dizzy. I made arrangements (thanks Daddy for watching the kids) and went to the Dr. Turns out, thanks goodness I'm not having heart problems - but my cartilage and tissue around my sternum is all inflamed and this condition is often mistaken for a heart attack. So, I guess now I know a little about how an attack would feel - those poor people who have them! OUCH! Anyway, the Dr. said the pain will persist for about a week. That's what I have to look forward to. The inflammation might have been caused by the bad cold I had for 6 weeks and it just spread downward.

Then, yesterday when I got home from the Dr. I had to go pick up the kindergarten carpool. On my way out the door, I was still a little dizzy in the head and I slammed my finger in the outside door to the garage. It hurt so bad and I was shaking my finger around. When I got in the car I looked down and there was blood on the seat. I looked at my finger and it was bleeding like crazy - the door had spliced it open. So now I also have a big cut down my finger.

I figure, since I'm down this week for the chest pain it will also give me time to nurse my finger back to health. I'm sure grateful also for my physical body. Without weeks like this I wouldn't enjoy the good weeks, right? :)


Megz said...

Dang. I could have saved your finger if I had insisted on driving.

The conference packets served us marginally better than you. We got through three whole talks with the bingo game. But after was back to the candy bribes.

big8smiley said...

Perhaps you should offer classes on how to get the most out of your packets. I know you'd have one taker! :) LOL

Aprilyn said...

I've heard several people comment on those packets but my kids never got one. Not that it would have really made a difference anyway. Saturday I had my sister's 2 kids and Sunday I had mine which is quite enough to make it so I hear nothing. I am so upset because I felt like I really did try to watch Conference but because of the kids, I got nothing out of it. I am going to download it and listen to it during the day while I clean. Ok, so on the days that Marshall goes to school. :)

Chinchia said...

Sorry about your finger. We fared ok for conference. I told the kids if you can't be quiet you have to go out. Of course they get out of listening, but I figure at least one of us will get the message. Also, our kids are older now so they can cooperate a little, emphasis on little, better.

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